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Seat Belt Override Jumper Plug – Yamaha YXZ


  • Plugs in to factory wiring harness
  • Overrides seat belt speed governor
  • For use with aftermarket belts and safety equipment
  • Easy plug-in installation
  • Fits all Yamaha YXZ models



Yamaha YXZ UTV’s come from the factory with a speed governor that is disengaged when the driver’s seat belt is fastened. This is an important safety feature which prevents high speed operation of the vehicle while the driver is not properly restrained. On modified and racing UTV’s where the stock seats and/or seat belts have been replaced with higher quality aftermarket equipment, it is necessary to disable the speed governor when the upgraded equipment is not compatible with this feature. The easiest, most reliable way to do this is to install a wire jumper in to the vehicle’s wiring harness to replace the stock seatbelt latch-operated switch.

This Seat Belt Override Jumper Plug installs quickly and easily, into the stock seat belt switch’s connector plug after removing the stock seat belts. Only one plug is needed per vehicle (at the driver’s seat location). After installation, use zip-ties to ensure the harness isn’t loose and can not be damaged by the seat sliders or other equipment.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use this product simply to over ride the speed governor safety feature in order to operate the vehicle without safety restraints! ONLY operate the vehicle with proper seats, harnesses and safety equipment installed and in use.

Fits all Yamaha YXZ models.

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Weight .15 lbs


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