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CSD Racer-Influencer Program

If you are a racer, driver, team manager, or social influencer, you are invited to apply for membership in CSD’s Racing Program.  Members of our Racer Program enjoy a discount on CSD-brand products, and may be asked to install, test and evaluate new products (usually free of charge, or deeply discounted, on an as-needed basis).

1. Read the Program Rules & Details
Racer-Influencer Discount

Racers and Influencers accepted into the Program will enjoy blanket discounts on CSD-branded products and services.  Additional benefits may be available depending on the needs of CSD and the specific terms of any resulting co-marketing agreement.  Sales tax will be applied for items sold or shipped to California residents.  Shipping charges will apply.

Product Evaluation & Promotion Opportunities

From time to time, CSD Racing Products may have need of promotions, evaluations, installation or fitment of new products, and/or lifestyle photos or videos.  In such cases we may offer to provide product free of charge, or deeply discounted, to our Racing Program members in exchange for helping us perform those tasks.  If you are willing to offer your vehicle and assistance for these situations, be sure to completely fill out the social media, vehicle details and “How can you help promote” sections of the program application.  CSD will cover shipping on any products provided for such purpose.  Products provided for evaluation or promotion are intended for the racer-influencer’s use and installation on his/her vehicle only.  Items may not be sold, given away or traded for a period of six months from the time CSD provided the item.

Your Responsibilities

Participants in the Program are expected to help promote the CSD brand and present our products in a positive light in whatever racing, media or social channels they are active in.  There are no rigid rules or schedules to adhere to, however note that continued participation in the program is by mutual consent (see At Will Enrollment, below), so make sure we see your posts and comments by tagging CSD Racing Products in your related posts, and letting us know whenever you do something that depicts our brand in a positive light at races and other events.

At will enrollment

Unless superseded by the terms of a specific sponsorship agreement, enrollment in the Program is considered to be “at will”, subject to the continued mutual consent of both CSD Racing Products and the Racer/Influencer.  Either party may terminate the relationship at any time, for any reason.  In the event that a Program relationship has been terminated after products have been provided but prior to the Racer-Influencer having performed any evaluation or promotional obligations pertaining to that item, the item shall be returned to CSD Racing Products in “as new” condition, or the former Racer-Influencer must pay for the product(s) at normal retail price.

2. Register as a customer on this website

Register as a regular retail customer on this website, if you haven’t done so already.  Go to and enter your email address then click “Register.”  Once that is done and the “My Account” page loads, click on “edit your password and account details” and choose a password for your account.  If approved into the CSD Racing Program, you will then be able to log in to this website using your password, and the prices displayed for you throughout our website will be your discounted prices.

3. Fill Out the Racer Program Application

Please be as thorough and complete as possible when filling out the application.  Note that this is our incentive program for all racers, brand ambassadors, industry colleagues and influencers.  If some fields do not apply to you, simply leave them blank.

Are You A (Check all That Apply)

What Racing Series Do You Compete In?

4 + 15 =

4. Email Your Car, Pit and Shop Photos

If seeking a racing sponsorship, we’d like to see some photos of your race car, your pit setup and, if possible, your shop or workspace where you build or prep.  If seeking some  other form of marketing partnership we’d like to see photos of your project vehicle(s), work space or anything pertinent to your proposal.  Please snap a couple of photos and email them to [email protected].

5. OPTIONAL: Send us your Pre-Made Publicity Deck, Sponsorship proposal or resume

If you already have a sponsorship proposal, publicity deck, racing resume or similar assets, feel free to send them to us via email to [email protected].  Please also fill out the questions asked on this page even if they’re covered in your deck.

Thank you for your interest!

If you have filled out the form and sent in your materials, please give us up to a few weeks to evaluate your application to decide whether your program would be a great fit for CSD Racing Products.  To follow up, ask questions or provide any additional information, please inquire via email to [email protected]

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