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RZR XP Extreme Duty Chromoly Transmission Skid Plate 2016+


  • Over twice as thick as the stock skid
  • Beefy 3/16″ thick steel plate
  • Two piece weld-on/bolt-on for servicability
  • Extreme Duty chromoly construction
  • Clearance for transmission drain


RZR’s that see hard use on the track or trail can suffer catastrophic transmission damage due to the stock skid plate collapsing on hard impacts.  The Extreme Duty Transmission Skid Plate from CSD Racing Products solves this problem by replacing the flimsy stamped sheet metal skid with beefy, 3/16″ thick steel plate.  The two-piece design features a mounting bracket that is welded on to the vehicle’s chassis (after removing the stock skid), as well as a removable, replaceable, beefy skid plate that is then bolted to the bracket with a half dozen Grade 8 bolts.

The skid plate is designed for better clearance between it and the transmission, compared to the stock skid.  This allows for better airflow, water/mud drainage and access for maintenance or inspection.  The skid is also cut for access to the transmission drain plug without removing the skid.  And if for some reason you do manage to damage the skid, it may be easily un-bolted and replaced without further cutting or welding.

The skid is made of chromoly steel, which will withstand just about anything you could ever throw at it.


  • This item is designed to fit 2016 and newer Polaris RZR XP 1000 and variants and RS1 (does NOT fit Pro XP).  The skid may be installed on 2015 and earlier models, however the OE rear plastic skid will not bolt to it without modifications.  For those applications we recommend sourcing an aftermarket or OE 2016+ plastic rear skid to use with our chromoly Trans Skid.
  • Installation requires cutting off the stock skid and grinding the welds smooth, and then welding on the mounting bracket from the CSD kit.  The bracket is designed to index off of features on the chassis for precise placement without measuring or marking.  Once the bracket is welded on, simply bolt the beefy new skid plate to it using the provided Grade 8 hardware and you’re ready to rock.


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6.5 in
Skid Plate Material

3/16" Mild Steel, 3/16" Chromoly


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