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RS1 ATX20HD Battery & Mount Bundle


Antigravity ATX20-HD Battery

High Power, lightweight lithium battery | HEAVY DUTY version with 900 Cranking Amps | 30 Amp Hours | 5.18 lbs | Lighted Voltage Indicator to see state of charge

CSD RS1 Battery Mount - ATX20

Fits all years Polaris RZR RS1 | Securely holds battery in place during tough use | Light-weight, corrosion resistant all aluminum construction


Equip your Polaris RZR RS1 with the best battery, and the best battery mount available!  The CSD RS1 Battery Mount – ATX20 is the best way to securely mount an Antigravity ATX20-series battery into your Polaris RZR RS1.  Antigravity batteries are the state of the art in light-weight, compact, durable, powerful batteries for UTVs, and they’re perfect for the performance needs of a racing or recreational use RS1.  We use them in all of our RS1 builds and we’re proud to offer our in-house designed and manufactured mounts to the public.  This battery mount is designed to locate the battery as low as possible, right over the front diff for optimal weight placement in the RS1.  The mount is made entirely of CNC cut aluminum plate, 1/8″ thick for the base and .060″ for the hold-down.  The parts are precision brake-formed for an exact fit that holds the battery snugly in place.  No hardware is included, as the OE front crossmember bolts are re-used in installing the battery mount.  The parts come as bare, un-painted aluminum which you can paint if desired, or leave bare.

Save $20 by purchasing this Battery & Mount Bundle which includes the awesome Antigravity ATX20 HD battery plus the CSD ATX20 Battery Mount!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 9 in

Antigravity ATX20-HD Battery

Weight 5.62 lbs

CSD RS1 Battery Mount - ATX20

Weight 1.25 lbs

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