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CSD Racing Products Dealer Application

Thank you for your company’s interest in carrying CSD Racing Products’ line of USA Made components and accessories for UTV’s and off-road vehicles. In order to safeguard CSD’s brand value, our dealers and distributors are carefully chosen for the value they add with high levels of customer service to the retail consumer.  To become a CSD Racing Products dealer, please complete the following steps.

1. Fill Out the Dealer Application

Please be as thorough and complete as possible when filling out the Dealer Application.

Business Features (Check All That Apply)

How do you plan to purchase and inventory CSD Products?

Are you an authorized dealer for new UTVs?

5 + 2 =

2. Email your site photos

Please snap a couple of photos of your store, shop, warehouse, etc. and email them to [email protected].  We require this in order to ensure that CSD Racing Products dealers are actual businesses.  If you are primarily an online business without a brick and mortar facility, please state this.

3. Email your CA Seller’s Permit (CA Businesses Only)

If your business is located in California, please email a photo of your CA Seller’s Permit, and include the permit number in your email.  Send them to [email protected]. This can be sent along with the site photos from the previous step.

4. Register as a customer on this website

Register your business as a regular retail customer on this website.  Go to and enter your email address then click “Register.”  Once that is done and the “My Account” page loads, click on “edit your password and account details” and choose a password for your account.  If approved as a CSD Racing Products dealer, you will be then able to log in to this website using your password, and the prices displayed for you throughout our website will be your wholesale prices.  You will also be able to order and pay for products here on the website, at your wholesale pricing.

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