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CSD RZR Radius Rod Kit


  • Made Heavy Duty Chromoly Tubing and CNC Machined Threaded Bungs
  • Race Proven, Race Winning performance
  • Wrench Flats on rods allow for easy adjustment
  • Durable semi-gloss black powder coat finish (Optional)
  • High Strength FK Rod Ends
  • CSD High Misalignment Rod End Spacers
  • All Components Made in the U.S.A.


Improve your RZR’s performance and reliability with CSD chromoly radius rods! The stock radius rods are made of cheap, mild steel with low quality rod ends and are subject to being easily bent or damaged by hazards on the trail. At CSD, we don’t even wait for that to happen. Every RZR we build get’s a set of these CSD Radius Rods even if the car is fresh off the showroom floor. We’ve been in too many races and trail runs where equipment failures bring your race or your weekend to a premature end.

CSD radius rods are made of heavy duty chromoly tubing. The threaded ends are CNC machined and include convenient wrench flats for easily installing or adjusting rod ends. The radius rods are available raw or finished in a durable, mulit-stage satin black powder coat.

This kit comes complete with high quality FK JMX-series chromoly Rod Ends with Teflon linings.  These are the best rod ends money can buy, and are essential for surviving hard use over the long haul, with negligible wear.  Cheaper radius rod kits usually include low quality imported rod ends which will wear faster and require replacement sooner.  Jam nuts and CSD chromoly misalignment spacers are also included. Everything you need to ditch the stock radius rods for stronger, better performing equipment! For extra insurance, add a CSD Chromoly Radius Rod Plate (sold separately).

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 8 in

2014-16 XP 1000 & 2016 XP Turbo, 2017+ XP1000, RS1 & XP Turbo, 2018+ RS1, 2018+ XP Turbo S


Raw, Black Powder Coat

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