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CSD Rear LED Light Bar Cage Mount (Pair) – Weld On


  • CNC cut and bent steel sheet
  • Ready to weld on to your cage
  • Specifically fits Rear-Facing Light Bars by:
    • KC Hilites
    • Baja Designs
  • Sold by the pair (2 pieces)


Multi-function rear-facing LED light bars are perfect for UTV’s and other off-road vehicles, for both recreational and competition, for providing complete rearward lighting solutions.  These slim but powerful and versatile light bars, such as This One from KC HiLites, provide a combination of brake lights, dust lights, utility flood lights and even blue caution lights (in the race version) all in a compact design.  But figuring out a simple, secure mounting solution for them isn’t always so easy.  That’s why CSD is making our simple weld-on tabs available to fabricators and builders.

The CSD Rear LED Light Bar Cage Mounts are designed to be easily welded to the top-rear horizontal member of your cage, to provide a couple of strong, flat mounting surfaces for each end of the light bar.  Just measure and mark, weld them on and install the light bar.  For your convenience, we’ve designed them with the mounting holes sized and positioned specifically for either the KC HiLites 28″ Multi-Function Rear Facing Chase LED Light Bar or the Baja Designs RTL Series 30″ rear facing light bars.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in
For Light Bar

KC Hilites Multi-Function Rear Facing LED Light Bar, Baja Designs RTL Series 30" Rear Light Bars

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