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Rivet Back-Up Washers – 500ct

CSD Racing Products


  • Distributes Rivet Grip Load
  • .0625″ Thick
  • For 1/8″ & 3/16″ Rivets
  • Lightweight Aluminum
  • Packs of 500
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Backup washers are useful when riveting parts together where pull-through or panel deformation is a concern.  A backup washer helps distribute the rivet’s clamping force, which can be beneficial on plastic, fiberglass, aluminum and other thin sheet metal panels.  CSD Racing Rivet Back-Up Washers are made of lightweight and corrosion-resistant .0625″ thick, aluminum, and are sold in packs of 500.  Choose the correct washer ID for your rivet size (1/8″ or 3/16″).